Careers with a PhD in Criminal Justice

Doctorate degrees in criminal justice encompass a wide variety of career paths. Usually those who wish to pursue a PhD in criminal justice are interested in expanding their understanding of criminal behavior and how to deal with it. Some areas that PhD programs focus on are prevention, intervention, effective consequences, and public policy development, all pertaining to criminal justice cases. A PhD in criminal justice is not a small undertaking. While these are not all the areas that PhD programs focus on, it’s a good example of some of the typical areas people focus on.

With a PhD in Criminal Justice, you can get almost any job you desire. You could start a career in law enforcement, federal law enforcement, correctional positions, forensic science or SCI, legal or court positions, private security and contractor positions. A PhD is required for many advanced level positions that typically do not require field work. In terms of staying safe and off the beat, it’s the best way to go. Since the field of criminal justice has such a wide range of jobs that can be explored, let’s take a look at some of the routes typically explored by those with a PhD.

Most Popular Careers with a PhD in Criminal Justice

The most popular option for those who acquire their PhD in criminal justice is to work in high-level academic or research positions. This is because much of the work to be done in criminal justice is based on researching effective methods for improving the different parameters within the justice system, ranging from police ethics to prison sentences, as well as much more. Some work in expert consulting firms or public policy groups as well.

In order to teach within a university department you need your PhD. With your PhD in criminal justice you will be an expert in your field and you’ll be capable of teaching others about your field. You can teach courses in criminal justice, corrections, and law enforcement administration. Additionally, by being a professor you can contribute to research in criminal justice, and even do a combination of both teaching and research.

Working in Criminal Justice

If becoming a professor doesn’t seem appealing, there are many other job options available for those with a PhD in criminal justice. Those with PhD’s make significant contributions in a wide variety of criminal justice-related organizations. It’s important to explore the different jobs within criminal justice. Those with degrees in criminal justice also focus on becoming a part of the CIA and FBI, among other fields such as the secret service and more. When considering careers in the field, just remember all the available options.

Salaries for Criminal Justice Careers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the salary for criminal justice graduates who become postsecondary teachers is a mean average of $65,690 annually.

The top paying industries for professors of criminal justice are as follows:

  • Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools: $65,830
  • Junior Colleges: $65,760
  • Business Schools and Computer and Management Training: $59,630
  • Technical and Trade Schools: $57,150

PhD in Criminal Justice Online Programs

Walden University PhD: Criminal Justice PhD: Criminal Justice - Homeland Security PhD: Criminal Justice - Admin PhD: Criminal Justice - Law & Policy Walden University › Walden University is a provider of higher education, focused more on offering master and doctorate degrees like the PhD in Criminal Justice with several specializations available like Law and Public Ploicy or Homeland Security. Walden is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has almost 50,000 students enrolled currently.
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Northcentral University PhD: Business Admin - Criminal Justice DBA: Criminal Justice MBA: Criminal Justice Northcentral University › If you want to take your Criminal Justice career further, Northcentral University has several options available. The two doctorate programs it offers are the PhD in Business Administration in Criminal Justice and the DBA in Criminal Justice (Learn more about the differences between the programs by contacting the school with the links provided).
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Purdue University MS: Criminal Justice Purdue University › Purdue University is one of the most recognized names in higher education with over 53,000 students currently enrolled. The school does not offer PhD programs in criminal justice, but there are several master-level degrees that will be required on your way to earning a PhD. These include the MS and MPA in Criminal Justice along with a specialization in Corrections.
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Liberty University MBA: Criminal Justice MSCJ: Public Administration Liberty University › Liberty University is a long-standing college with its roots tied to academic integrity and excellence. Liberty has now added online programs to its course offerings in order to better serve its students, including an MBA in Criminal Justice as well as a MSCJ in Public Administration. Boston University is a private, research university with over 31,000 students enrolled online and on-campus.
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